Punch Picks Cimarron as Best Well Tequila

Punch recently polled industry-leading bartenders for their favorite well spirits, and Cimarron Tequila has again received accolades for its value and mixability. In 2020, New Orleans bar owner (Neil) Bodenheimer hailed Cimarrón Blanco as the “holy grail of house tequila,” and his opinion hasn’t changed.…

Forbes: Accolades for Tequila ArteNOM 1146

Santa Fe, New Mexico bartender Alfredo Sanchez shares his appreciation of Tequila ArteNOM 1146 Añejo in an interview with Forbes, saying: “I like this brand because it is a project that showcases regional tequilas from distinct altitudes, heritage, agave cultivation, and distillation. The tequilas from…

Learn About Agave

Jake Lustig hosts a series of informational videos discussing the fascinating life cycle of Agave tequilana, the Weber Blue Agave plant in Jalisco – the source of Haas Brothers’ tequila offerings.                            

Haas Brothers’ Jake Lustig on the Agave Crisis

Heard rumblings of the troubles in the current agave market? Jake Lustig, along with Felipe Camarena of ArteNOM 1579 and Enrique Fonseca of ArteNOM 1146, chime in for an informative and level-headed article at Taste Tequila…. http://tastetequila.com/2018/agave-crisis-boom-bust-or-business-as-usual/