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Don Amado Reposado: Top Choice by Wine Enthusiast

Kara Newman reviews mezcal for Wine Enthusiast, placing Don Amado Reposado at the top of her recommended selections…. Navigating the Mezcal Maze

Agave Town Hall 2017 Tour

From the agave-farming and tequila distillation side of the industry, we invite you to this unbranded and uniquely informative town hall conversation with Enrique Fonseca regarding the challenges facing the modern agave and tequila industries. Please see the attached flyer for general dates; event-specific information is at our Facebook page: SaveSave

Making Mezcal: The Arrelanes Legacy

“Mezcal directly from the family that produces it, people we trust and love.”

Modern Luxury Dallas on Fuenteseca Reserva Tequila 21: “Connoisseurs Will Flip”

Modern Luxury Dallas magazine says Fuenteseca Reserva Tequila 21 is “aged to perfection” and that “few tequila producers have the patience to make a tequila like this.” Visit their site for the full review.

Panama-Pacific International Exhibition

Here in San Francisco, home of Haas Brothers, we recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition. Visit the PPIE 100 website for more information about the fascinating history of this event.

A Mid-Century Holiday Tradition

Haas Brothers created White Christmas Rum & Brandy in the mid-20th century, when it quickly gained popularity throughout the entire Pacific Northwest region to now having become a year-round favorite. Made with a balanced blend of rum and brandy, this 60-proof spirit is perfectly suited for such favorite wintertime cocktails as the Hot Toddy, Tom & […]

Bourbon Beginnings: Cyrus Noble, San Francisco’s Bourbon Whiskey, As Old As the Gold Rush

When one thinks of bourbon, San Francisco doesn’t come to mind. For the city’s oldest brand of bourbon, however, it is not where you are distilled that matters, but where you were raised, cherished, and best enjoyed. In 1871, Haas Brothers, purveyors of quality goods, thrived in the Golden State, catering to the daily needs […]

David Driscoll writes about his recent agave spirits trip

Travel through Mexico’s backcountry with K&L Wine Merchant’s spirits writer David Driscoll as he recounts his recent visit to the distilleries producing Haas Brothers’ various agave spirit products. Just a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend some time in Mexico visiting some of the finest producers of agave spirits and getting the chance to […]

2012 Awards – “Best of the Best” Best Highland Añejo Tequila Judge Favorite

Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1146 Añejo Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco (Mountain Agave – Altitude = 4,620′) Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1146 Añejo is 100% Blue Weber Agave and contains no additives whatsoever. 60% of this añejo comes from French oak aged for 2 years, and 40% from French oak aged for 3 years. This blend […]

Coming to a Cocktail Bar Near You: Mexican Fernet

Jake Lustig might have noticed the drink in a scuffed-up old bar in Guadalajara, a taverna called Los Famosos Equipales, the kind of place where tourists rarely go. Maybe it was the Nalga Rosa, or Pink Ass Cheek: rum, vodka, grenadine, orange Fanta, and three or four drops of something black like coffee, in a […]

The History of Vallet Bitters

Monsieur Henri VALLET emigrated to Mexico from France during the brief reign of Maximilian, the ill-fated French monarch who was deposed by Mexican nationalists three short years after his 1864 ascent as Emperor of Mexico.  Like other French émigrés of the era, Mnsr. Henri VALLET chose to remain in his adopted homeland, and by the […]

Cyrus Noble Bourbon wins the Triple Gold Medal Award

We are pleased to announce that Cyrus Noble Bourbon has just won Triple Gold Medal Awards in the recent Micro Liquor awards located in Los Angeles.

Selección ArteNOM Tequila honored by K&L Spirits as 2011’s Best Tequila of the Year

The ArteNOM project of bottling distinct tequilas from different distillers is a first in the tequila industry and highlights “selecciónes” from a range of geographies. David Driscoll, of K&L Spirits, remarks “…this blanco from Rancho Buenavista distillery is probably the best blanco tequila I’ve ever had. So clean, pure, and vibrant.”

How Is Tequila Made?

Tequila Agave Plant Photographed by Kurt Stüber

Tequila manufacture starts with the blue agave plant. After planting, agave is watched for ripening, an astonishing 8 to 12 years. The plant leaves are then cut, and the core, called a piña, is pulled from the ground. The piña, aptly named because of its resemblance to a pineapple, usually weighs 40 to 70 pounds. […]

Don Amado Mezcal featured in Spirit Magazine

Don Amado Mezcal featured in Spirit Magazine

Holiday hangover? Cure it quick with Pete Gugni’s morning reviver. This is sort of like a cross between a Bloody Mary, which is made with vodka, and a Bloody Maria, which uses tequila. But instead of tequila, I use a barrel-aged version of its smokier cousin, mezcal.

Cyrus Noble Featured in SF Weekly

San Francisco’s first locally owned brand of bourbon, Cyrus Noble ($24.99/750ml)–bourbon made in Nelson County, Kentucky, but owned and distributed by Haas Brothers–is available again. Named after a distiller who fell into a vat of his own whiskey, the bourbon was sold in the city since 1871, right around the peak of California gold rush fever. Apparently, […]

Cyrus Noble Featured in 7X7

“This city may have a proud history of drinking, but bourbon is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Bourbon is the spirit of Kentucky, the base of a mint julep, something you’re supposed to drink on a hot day on a wraparound porch—neither of which you’ll see much of in SF. Although […]

Don Amado Mezcal Featured in Saveur

An Incredible Elixir By Eric Lawlor, Published in Saveur on May 8, 2002 Until the end of the last century, Alberto Sánchez López tells me over chiles rellenos de picadillo at the excellent El Topil restaurant in the city of Oaxaca, mezcal was the libation of choice for Mexico’s upper crust. They prized this complexly flavored […]