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Fuenteseca Cosecha Blanco: “The First Grand Cru Tequila”

The esteemed David Driscoll believes fine tequila has more in common with wine than it does with whiskey, and raves about Fuenteseca 2013 Cosecha Blanco, saying, “…simply immaculate. It’s stunning.” Read more:

What Makes It Bourbon?

Even if it carries the name of the infamous Bourbon County, the whiskey called Bourbon can be legally made anywhere in the US. Even though most Bourbon is made in Kentucky, there is a list of states that distill bourbon outside of Kentucky, including Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New York and the list […]

Spanish-Style Rums

The world of rum (and rhum) can be divided into three category styles: British, French, and Spanish (based on what country colonized what area). Funky Jamaican rums are a well-known example of the British style. Grassy, vegetal rhum agricoles from Martinique exemplify the French style. Rich and refined rums in the Spanish style come from […]

A Bowl of Tom & Jerry

Read up on the fascinating tradition of the Tom & Jerry: at Punch, Anne Zimmerman documents one man’s quest to keep a family tradition alive, while Robert Simonson shares his love for the drink at The New York Times.

Mezcal 101

Mezcal is timeless. Channeling centuries of ceremony and culture, it is big, bold and vivid . . . exemplary, potent and singular. Mezcal is not tequila, it is a true, living antiquity, a magnificent, mystifying panacea forged in a style that glorifies the peoples of the mountains, the plains and the fertile valleys in and around Oaxaca where it […]

The Man Who Changed Tequila: A Rags to Agave Story

By Lance Cutler They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that where Enrique Fonseca’s story began: with necessity. Enrique and his father were some of the biggest and best agave growers in the highlands near their hometown, Atotonilco El Alto, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. In 1985 they had just signed […]

A Brief History of Bitter Elixirs

by Forrest Cokely Plants and their derivatives have been utilized throughout history to cure illness or relieve physical symptoms. In ancient times each culture and society had a variety of different understandings with regard to plants and their medicinal properties. That knowledge naturally evolved from shamen, tribal leaders, witch doctors, monks, philosophers and other prominent […]

What is Fernet?

Fernet is an aromatic, herbaceous and bitter spirit made from a number of herbs and spices which vary between different brands. Usually more bitter and less sweet than other Amari, fernets often include rhubarb, chamomile, and cardamom among others roots, herbs and spices, and are distilled on a base of grape distilled spirits. Traditionally served as a digestif after a meal, in the modern era fernet is […]

Mezcal FAQs

What is “Mezcal”? Mezcal is a classification of agave-based spirits distilled within the territorial boundaries of Mexico’s Denomination of Origin for the category. As initially determined in 1994, five states were permitted to produce spirit called “Mezcal”: Oaxaca, Guerrero, Durango, San Luis Potosi & Zacatecas. In 2000, the states of Jalisco, Michoacán and Guanajuato were […]

Types of Tequilas

What do the names of Tequila mean? Blanco Tequila Blancos, also known as “Silvers” and are un-aged tequilas that are generally crisp and dry in taste. Blancos are not necessarily served as a shot, but can be served on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail. Reposado Reposados are Blancos that have been aged in […]