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Bourbon Cocktails

Brown Derby This is a classic cocktail recipe from the 1930’s. It is served today by Jeff Lauer at Park Tavern in San Francisco, California. 2 ounces Cyrus Noble bourbon 1 ounce fresh grapefruit juice 1/2 ounce honey Shake over ice, and double strain into a martini glass. Noble Exchange 1½ oz Cyrus Noble BBN […]


What Makes It Bourbon?

Even if it carries the name of the infamous Bourbon County, the whiskey called Bourbon can be legally made anywhere in the US. Even though most Bourbon is made in Kentucky, there is a list of states that distill bourbon outside of Kentucky, including Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New York and the list […]


Bourbon Beginnings: Cyrus Noble, San Francisco’s Bourbon Whiskey, As Old As the Gold Rush

When one thinks of bourbon, San Francisco doesn’t come to mind. For the city’s oldest brand of bourbon, however, it is not where you are distilled that matters, but where you were raised, cherished, and best enjoyed. In 1871, Haas Brothers, purveyors of quality goods, thrived in the Golden State, catering to the daily needs […]

Cyrus Noble Bourbon wins the Triple Gold Medal Award

We are pleased to announce that Cyrus Noble Bourbon has just won Triple Gold Medal Awards in the recent Micro Liquor awards located in Los Angeles.

Cyrus Noble Featured in SF Weekly

San Francisco’s first locally owned brand of bourbon, Cyrus Noble ($24.99/750ml)–bourbon made in Nelson County, Kentucky, but owned and distributed by Haas Brothers–is available again. Named after a distiller who fell into a vat of his own whiskey, the bourbon was sold in the city since 1871, right around the peak of California gold rush fever. Apparently, […]

Cyrus Noble Featured in 7X7

“This city may have a proud history of drinking, but bourbon is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Bourbon is the spirit of Kentucky, the base of a mint julep, something you’re supposed to drink on a hot day on a wraparound porch—neither of which you’ll see much of in SF. Although […]