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3-4-5 Extra Añejo Tequila

Extra Añejo | 87 Proof


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This renown accomplishment of architect, distiller and master blender Enrique Fonseca is a mélange of 30% three year, 40% four year and 30% five year Extra Añejo tequilas aged exclusively in French oak.

Selected for optimum flavor and aromatics, this is the pinnacle of highland super premium tequila. The spectacular mark is presented in limited edition crystal decanters designed, signed and numbered by the iconic Mexico City artist, Alonso Gonzalez Jr.

3-4-5 Extra Añejo Tequila

4/750 ml Proof: 87 Proof Case Weight: 20 lbs Case Dimensions: 13" L x 10" W x 12" H Cases per Pallet: 36; 3 tiers of 12 cases each UPC CODE: 7-41638-92200-4 SSC CODE: 1-07-41638-92200-1