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Tequila Purasangre now shipping in 1 Liter Bottles

By demand, Tequila Purasangre is now shipping in new 1-liter bottles for its blanco, reposado, and añejo expressions. The extra añejo remains in its original 750 mL size. Contact your local distributor for pricing and availability details. SaveSave

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Don Amado Reposado: Top Choice by Wine Enthusiast

Kara Newman reviews mezcal for Wine Enthusiast, placing Don Amado Reposado at the top of her recommended selections…. Navigating the Mezcal Maze

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Fuenteseca Cosecha Blanco: “The First Grand Cru Tequila”

The esteemed David Driscoll believes fine tequila has more in common with wine than it does with whiskey, and raves about Fuenteseca 2013 Cosecha Blanco, saying, “…simply immaculate. It’s stunning.” Read more:

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Agave Town Hall 2017 Tour

From the agave-farming and tequila distillation side of the industry, we invite you to this unbranded and uniquely informative town hall conversation with Enrique Fonseca regarding the challenges facing the modern agave and tequila industries. Please see the attached flyer for general dates; event-specific information is at our Facebook page: SaveSave

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Making Mezcal: The Arrelanes Legacy

“Mezcal directly from the family that produces it, people we trust and love.”

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Modern Luxury Dallas on Fuenteseca Reserva Tequila 21: “Connoisseurs Will Flip”

Modern Luxury Dallas magazine says Fuenteseca Reserva Tequila 21 is “aged to perfection” and that “few tequila producers have the patience to make a tequila like this.” Visit their site for the full review.


BTI 2016: Panama-Pacific Ranked #1 Aged Rum

We’re honored to share the news that Panama-Pacific Rum 23 Year has been awarded a “superlative” Platinum Award by the Beverage Tasting Institute, ranking #1 in its Aged Rum category. Their tasting notes read, “Bold, spicy, creamy complex aromas of cherry cola float, spiced peaches and mangos, orange spice cake, and creme brulée with a […]


Miami RumXP: Panamá-Pacific Takes Home 2 Gold Medals

The RumXP International Rum Expert Tasting Panel has announced results of the 2016 RumXP International Tasting Competition held at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival from April 12 to 14, 2016. The event brought together a vast selection of rums from Sweden and Denmark, India, Reunion Island, Madagascar, Puerto Rico, Peru, Barbados, Mexico, Florida, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, Hawaii, […]

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What Makes It Bourbon?

Even if it carries the name of the infamous Bourbon County, the whiskey called Bourbon can be legally made anywhere in the US. Even though most Bourbon is made in Kentucky, there is a list of states that distill bourbon outside of Kentucky, including Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New York and the list […]

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Panama-Pacific International Exhibition

Here in San Francisco, home of Haas Brothers, we recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition. Visit the PPIE 100 website for more information about the fascinating history of this event.

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Spanish-Style Rums

The world of rum (and rhum) can be divided into three category styles: British, French, and Spanish (based on what country colonized what area). Funky Jamaican rums are a well-known example of the British style. Grassy, vegetal rhum agricoles from Martinique exemplify the French style. Rich and refined rums in the Spanish style come from […]

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2 oz Panama-Pacific 9 Rum 1 oz Italian vermouth 2 dashes Angostura bitters Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with an orange zest. There’s not much to say about the Palmetto. Except to say it’s delicious and mysteriously absent from most cocktail menus. If you ask for one from a bartender who returns a blank […]