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A San Francisco based importer, marketer and merchant of distilled spirits, both imported and domestic, since 1851.

Haas Brothers building in 1886

Haas Brothers is an American distilled spirits wholesaler handling various lines of both imported and domestic spirits. We do not sell direct to the public; our brands are available only through regional retailers.

Founded during California’s Gold Rush of 1849 by a family of German-Jewish immigrants from Bavaria, Haas Brothers began as a trade operation between brothers and cousins settled in Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Haas Brothers has stayed with the changing times, from becoming an early innovator in America’s fascination with white spirits, to importing relevant and exciting foreign brands.

Since 1851, we have been purveying for the pleasure of fine-liquor connoisseurs. What began as the brand of choice for Western miners has continued to prosper for now more than a century and a half.

Leopold Loupe and Kalman Haas with other members of Haas Brothers Wholesale Groceries

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