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About Us

Haas Brothers is a
San Francisco based importer, marketer and merchant of distilled spirits, both imported and domestic, since 1851.

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News and Press

Wyatt Peabody’s thoughts on Fuenteseca

Acclaimed wine and spirits writer (and agave ambassador extraordinaire) Wyatt Peabody from Soutirage Wine Experience delves into the world’s oldest tequila line in this investigatory introspective on Master Distiller Enrique Fonseca’s opus project, Fuenteseca Tequila.

Sangrita by Jay Silverman, AGAVE NYC

Makes 1 quart. 3 cups fresh tomato juice If you have nice summer tomatoes just puree them whole, and strain. if not just use good quality tomato juice (Sacramento works well) 1 cup fresh orange juice Juice of 3-4 limes 1 tbs. Worcestershire 1 tsp. tabasco or Other 2 tsp. Kosher salt * Fresh cracked […]

Bourbon Beginnings: Cyrus Noble, San Francisco’s Bourbon Whiskey, As Old As the Gold Rush

When one thinks of bourbon, San Francisco doesn’t come to mind. For the city’s oldest brand of bourbon, however, it is not where you are distilled that matters, but where you were raised, cherished, and best enjoyed. In 1871, Haas Brothers, purveyors of quality goods, thrived in the Golden State, catering to the daily needs […]